Atm I'm programming a (uci) chess program (Windows + for use with the GUIs of Rybka, Fritz and Arena). It"s my second attempt in doing a chess program (after Suff03, which I programmed a few years ago, but which didn"t play too well ...)  My new chess project 'Revati' is not yet completed. The file under the link is a rudimentary beta version without any advanced uci features (YET!). Atm Revati 04c can (at most) be used for playing some rapid chess games (10+ minutes per player. I"ve used it for this purpose with these OS: Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP ... and with these GUIs: Rybka, Arena, Fritz. So far I haven"t encountered any GUI-crashes or -execptions when I played vs. Revati 0.4c, but nevertheless there can be some bugs. (as a note: the GUI will hang when I try to analyze a position with Revati, which is not a surprise because a proper handling of this GUI command is not yet implemented [due to my notorious lack of time]). Whoever wants to play around a little bit with Revati 0.4c (or perhaps even help me with debugging -->, here"s a link --> REVATI 0.4c (beta)  

I can't say much about Revati"s playing or style or strength, but it won almost every game vs. my older (beginner-project) engine Suff 0.3a (when I did an engine tournament with Rybka"s or Arena"s GUI.)

Best wishes
Clemens Pruell